A Survey about naming parts of the Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail

Branding is important for marketing and public recognition.

The Feasibility Study author, in his report recommended three sections be developed first on the Trail.

He refers to them as “The Awoonga Lake Rail Trail, The Kalpowar Tunnels Rail Trail and the Burnett River Bridges Rail Trail”.

To the best of my knowledge, naming the first two sections was for his purposes, to enable identification of each section. Burnett River Bridges Rail Trail is the name adopted by GHRRT for the southern part of the Trail before BBIRT Inc was formed.

One of our members had contact with the author of the study, about the tunnels on the Dawes Range in the south of the Boyne Valley. We have a motion lying on the table regarding the name of the tunnels which needs to be resolved.

“that BBIRT Inc refer to the tunnels as the ‘Kalpowar Tunnels’

It was raised at our last general meeting, and members present asked for more information and resolved that we also run a survey to gather opinions and ideas.

This post has information about the tunnels.

I have taken the opportunity to add two other surveys as well, regarding the naming of the section of BBIRT from Builyan to Kalpowar (which includes the tunnels) and from Futter Creek Bridge to Ubobo (which includes Lake Awoonga).

The Tunnels Name

The tunnels are located on the Dawes Range in the Gladstone Region and are most easily accessed from Barrimoon Siding at the top of the range. The siding has a large flat area next to where the tracks were and there is evidence of a turntable.

We have plans and finance in place to build disabled access (and hopefully toilets) from the top (Barrimoon) to Tunnel Six, the first tunnel. They are numbered from the bottom of the range.

Meagan Ellerton had explained how her father (who worked on the rail) and the Kalpowar community referred to the tunnels as the “Kalpowar Tunnels”, and would like to see BBIRT refer to the tunnels as the “Kalpowar Tunnels”.

Boyne Valley residents sometimes referred to them as “the tunnels at Golembil”.

It is several kilometres (gravel road) from Kalpowar to Barrimoon

The option “other” in each survey, when clicked/tapped will allow input of text for a different name or a reason why you think one name may be unsuitable, or any other comment.

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The Valley Section.

The Feasibility Study author refers to “The Awoonga Lake Rail Trail”. It runs from Futter Creek Bridge to Ubobo, and will be quite easy to extend to Builyan in the south, and Taragoola in the north.

It is entirely within the Boyne Valley, and the Awoonga Dam waters, while attractive are only a part of the trail.

The name “The Boyne Valley Trail”, which includes the villages of Nagoorin and Ubobo and some beautiful river flats with stands of “Blue Gum” would describe/refer to the district rather than one aspect of the Trail.

Poll Closed

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6 Replies to “A Survey about naming parts of the Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail”

  1. Even though I believe that the tunnel section should be called Kalpowar tunnels, my uncle told me that in the early days he and his brother would take logs down from the top of the range by bullock team. He showed me the spur that they moved the teams down and it passed over the top of the first rail tunnel on the line. It would be great if this tunnel could be named to reflect that history prior to the rail running down the range. Perhaps something like bullock dray tunnel may be appropriate.

    I hope this helps,
    Allan Harvey.

  2. Kalpowar tunnels identifies where the tunnels are located. It is the nearest town to the tunnels and is easily located on Qld map. There is potential for international tourists visiting the area so the name needs to be easily identifiable. Lake Awoonga is confusing as people may go to the dam.

  3. The use of Kalpowar in the name, is easier for tourists to find where it is. Whatever the name, keep it consistent. If Kalpowar tunnels, then Kalpowar must be in the name of the section for ease of reference to tourists.
    Do not use Lake Awoonga as people will go to Benaraby instead. Too confusing for tourists. We must keep in mind, the potential of interstate and international tourists.

  4. The places must be identifiable for all people, not just locals.
    Kalpowar is the nearest town to the tunnels and is on most Qld maps.
    Builyan is on most Qld maps.
    Lake Awoonga is also marked on most maps.
    These names can be found by the public whether they know the area or not.

  5. Re naming of tunnels and rail sections:
    Barrimoon to Golimbal Tunnels identifies where the tunnels are located and access points to visitors.
    Kalpower to Builyan Rail Trail highlights townships and location of trail.
    Boyne Valley Rail Trail promotes entire Boyne Valley area to visitors.

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