Detailed Clear Maps of the Trail from Kalpowar to Builyan

Please go to this mapping post for links to better maps

Thanks to Organised Grime for these maps

a map of the Boyne Burnett Inland Trail
a map of the Boyne Burnett Rail Trail

13 Replies to “Detailed Clear Maps of the Trail from Kalpowar to Builyan”

  1. Hi,
    How far is the 1st tunnel to the last 6th tunnel? Is it possible to hike/walk all 6 tunnels in a day?

    1. Hello Ramil
      It is about 3 kilometres from Tunnel Six near the top of the range (near Barrimoon) to Tunnel One and about 3.6 kilometres from Barrimoon (at the top of the range) to the bottom tunnel (Tunnel One).
      It is possible to walk these in a day, down and back. Many choose to just walk the first five tunnels as it is 1.5 kilometers down to Tunnel One (the lowest tunnel) from Tunnel Two. The first five tunnels are within the first two kilometres from the top.

    1. Hello Debbie,
      I sorry, motorised vehicles are not allowed on the Trail.
      TMR set this in place and have installed locked bollards.
      The best I can suggest is, if you start at Barrimoon on the trail, somebody in the car could drive down to Golembil to meet the riders there.
      This is about 11 klms (the trail) and a very easy downhill ride.

    1. At present it is best to go from Kalpowar by road to Barrimoon and then on the rail trail to Builyan. It is only a few klms from Kalpowar to Barrimoon.

        1. Hello.
          the gradient is very easy. From memory, I think trains can only climb about 3% and the trail is the old railway.
          It is downhill from Barrimoon to Golembil, and Golembil to Builyan is generally downhill (down the Valley) with the usual rise and fall across country. There a couple of creek crossings next to bridges which are steeper than the rest.

  2. Jaw Breaker Gates aren’t called “JawBreakers” for nothing. Some are under high tension. Take care when opening.
    And …. a bidirectional chevron sign across the track means “Don’t proceed”. Don’t do what I did and go around it. Big mistake!!!!!!

    1. LOL, I’ve only ever known them as cockeys gates. I think we have nearly all steel gates, and plan to have all open on opening day. In a short time all gates will be steel.

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