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Barrimoon To Builyan Information

Length: 26.28klm

Alt. (max/min): 443/126

Surface: Gravel


Toilets are available at Kalpowar Hall, Builyan Hall and the Kalpowar Forestry Camping Area.

Elevation Profiles

The profile graphs at the bottom of each map are map generated and show land surface, not the track surface (tunnels & cuttings) through the terrain.

Dragging your finger/mouse across the profile graph will move a dot locator (red round icon) along the trail on the map

Trail Description

The trail generally has a hard, easy to ride surface. Some creek crossings have reasonably steep banks, and may be slippery when wet. The map has popup images which show the main creek crossings.

Images used

Thank you to all the people who shared their photos on our Facebook page. They have been a great resource to use here.

Using the maps

Depending on screen size the maps have a list of locations beside or below the map.

The trail (red) has a number of icons along it pointing to points of interest. Zooming in will show them in more detail. Tapping on an icon will enable a popup with an image and or information

Tap the green heading at the top of each list item on the right/bottom side of the map to open an information/location popup on the map. On small screens scroll back up to the map after tapping the heading.

car icon

This is located at the top of each list item on the right/bottom side of the map and opens a standalone Google directions map.

fullscreen icon

This icon is located at the top of each list item on the right/bottom side of the map.

It opens a standalone map centred and zoomed in to the corresponding icon on the map, with an open popup showing an image and or information.

On small screens scroll up after tapping.

Using the map icons

gpx icon

Tap this icon in the top right corner of the map to download a gpx file for the trail.

fullscreen icon

This icon, in the top right corner, loads a standalone map with location list and elevation profile.

fullscreen icon

This loads the map only, fullscreen without location list or elevation profile.

This allows a choice of OSM or Google Maps

map reset icon

Resets the map zoom and centres the map.

your location icon

Zooms the map to your location. Sometimes the Google maps layer is better to use for this.

icon cluster icon

Tapping either of these icons will show the icons clustered in that part of the map.

Each of those icons will show a popup with an image and or information if tapped.

kilometre marker

Kilometre marker

Barrimoon to Builyan Map

Maps to ride, walk or drive from Kalpowar to Barrimoon

Builyan to Barrimoon Information

Length: 26.28klm

Alt. (min/max): 126/443

Surface: Gravel

Builyan to Barrimoon

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