A Joint Effort

Just before the Mt Larcom Show, the Curtis Horse Trail riding Club invited BBIRT to help out with their annual fundraiser at the show.

Their clubhouse is on the showgrounds, and each year they run a great food stall. The menu is built around that Aussie bush staple – damper and stew. The full meal includes stew, damper, jacket potatoe with sour cream and a tasty mix of bacon and onion.

The clubhouse includes very good kitchen facilities, and plenty of room for people to enjoy a sit down meal, while being entertained by bush poets.

I put the word out among our members, and soon had plenty of helpers. I had recently been to the AGM of the Calliope River Historical Village and shared information about BBIRT.

Their members also offered to help with six rolling up on the day. The Curtis Trail Riders had everything organised down to the last little thing.

All we had to do was keep things going, helping with serving and cooking. As you can see, we had plenty of ovens going with six or seven dampers cooking continuously throughout the day. We had a really busy day, so much so, that we ran out of supplies about six o’clock.

Enough had been prepared for two days at previous shows, and the club decided not to do the second day.

The Curtis Trail Riders had offered us $750 to help out. At our last meeting, members decided to use these funds to help buy hog-back sleepers from the tunnels for the Calliope River Historical Village and groups along the rail corridor who had expressed interest in getting some.

Before our previous meeting, and for the previous six months TMR had said they would supply these, asking us to put together a quantity. However, we were advised recently that this would not now be happening, so it was felt this would be a good use for the money.

Thank you to the Curtis Horse Trail Riding Club and the Calliope River Historical Village, a great joint effort.

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  1. We enjoyed our day at the Mount Larcom Show. Colin learnt how to make damper, we’ve yet to test him though! Look forward to getting together again, regards Colin and Cheryl

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