A Great Job

a pile of gravel at the entrance to a railway tunnel

Gregor is from Kalpowar which is a village at the top of the range close to the Dawes Range Tunnels. He offered to do some clean up work at the tunnels. TMR had recently done work fixing and cleaning up a gravel slip above one of the tunnels. It had another slip recently. I cannot …

Railway Tunnels, Dawes Range between Golembil and Barrimoon sidings

Pines next to a tunnel entrance

Walking the rail tunnels which are located in the southern end of the Boyne Valley and easily accessed from Kalpowar at the top of the range, is a remarkable experience.

You are taken into another world via a remarkably easy gentle gradient walk through some very rugged Australian bush. The tunnels are a tribute to the excellent engineering skills and sheer hard labour of our forebears.  … Continue reading